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Our eco-friendly ashtray is always a great companion for leisure activities like camping, hiking or a day at the beach. Due to its size and handiness, it fits in any pocket without taking up much space. Do something for your environment by disposing of your cigarette butts and trash in the eco-friendly ashtray rather than leaving it in your environment because there was no trash can nearby.


Gently press on the sides of the ashtray until it pops up. When you are at the beach, you can easily stick it into the sand. The hole at the bottom allows the sand to trickle out later. After use, you can close and open the ashtray via the two top tabs.

  • Ideal for the beach, swimming pool, camping, hiking, restaurant and more
  • For cigarettes and trash
  • Handy, flat, quickly stowed away
  • Environment friendly, recyclable

  • Individually printable
  • Advertising medium, promotional gift for trade fairs, events, celebrations

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Additional product information

10 x 13 cm
Recycling cardboard
Delivery scope
plano packed ashtrays, 1x display
Minimum order value
250 piece